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Modernize Your Tech Stack

5X Faster!

Build smarter, faster and more affordably with 
a Zero-Code API and Data Orchestration Layer for the Enterprise Tech Stack 

The Brain of the Composable Stack.




Brands are struggling to cope with siloed technology infrastructure — from aging legacy platforms and bespoke in-house solutions to sprawling all-in-one suites and cutting-edge headless architectures. The imperative to deliver seamless customer experiences across an ever-expanding array of channels adds to this increasing complexity. It is often not practical to re-platform or migrate to a brand new stack because of the cost, complexity, upheaval and time involved in such endeavours.

Solution: Digital Experience Orchestration

Conscia reimagines the future of enterprise technology with a practical solution — a zero-code orchestration layer, designed to seamlessly knit together legacy and modern software components without the need for a re-platform or custom code to connect all the pieces. Conscia accelerates the development of omnichannel experiences in a hybrid composable stack, while future-proofing your architecture.

A Zero-Code Alternative to Glue Code, Custom BFFs and Expensive Middleware 

Connect to all your backends with a Universal API Connector

As long as your backend application offers an API, the DXO can connect to it without you having to write custom adapters or plugins. 

Lower Your costs and time to launch with zero-code tooling and zero-infrastructure

Connect APIs, stitch data, chain API calls, and implement business logic with low/no-code configurations.  No need for expensive DevOps resources or maintaining/scaling your own infrastructure.

Improve performance through dynamic caching and edge computing 

The orchestration layer can dynamically cache responses from the backends, reducing the reliance on slow and less reliable backends and significantly improving performance.

Centralize your business logic in a native Rules Engine

No need to hardcode business logic into your frontends - instead, centralize all your application and business logic in an intuitive, self-service interface.

Unlock data from legacy systems with an API-First Data Layer

Encapsulate your legacy and offline backends behind an API-first Data Layer, so that you can make the underlying data available for modern experiences.

Future-proof with an abstraction layer

Create an abstraction layer between the frontends and backends so that you can swap out any backend systems and API as your business needs evolve.

You Don't Want to Build All This

It took us years to get this far. We've thought through and addressed hundreds of use cases for API and Data integration and orchestration with the DXO. Yes, given enough time and resources, anything can be built.  The question is, do you have that time and resources?

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One Platform, Unlimited Use Cases

Every enterprise technology stack requires a middle layer, which is responsible for connecting the backends to the frontends and connecting the dots between various backend applications.  The ultimate goal is to create connected customer experiences across all channels without having to re-platform.

Backend for  Frontend (BFF)

When launching a headless/composable tech stack, most enterprise brands will end up building their own BFF for every new channel.

With Conscia, you no longer have to write custom code to build this layer.  Conscia acts as your Omnichannel BFF.

Syndicate Data Between Applications

In an enterprise tech stack, you spend a huge amount of money and time on expensive and complex proprietary ETL tools.

Conscia offers a zero-code alternative to simplify your integrations, reducing your TCO and accelerating your build by up to 5X.

Decision Control Center for Personalized Experiences.

In a hybrid, composable stack, the decisioning and business logic ends up being hardcoded into the frontend or a custom business logic layer.


Conscia offers a native rules engine that centralizes your business and experience logic for re-usability across all your channels and touchpoints.

This allows you to personalize experiences for your customers on every channel regardless of where the content and customer data reside.

Modernize Without Replatforming

90% of Enterprise brands have one or more all-in-one DXP or Commerce platforms.  Although you may be quite satisfied with much of the backend capability of such platforms, you maybe restricted in the experiences you can currently offer your customers. 

We don't believe in huge replatforming initiatives as they are rarely successful.  The DXO can sit on top of your various backends as a modernization layer so that you can offer brand new experiences to your customers without replatforming.

Semantic Layer

Organizational content is scattered in various systems of record such as CMS, databases, file systems, spreadsheets, etc. 


Conscia acts as a semantic layer that unifies your data in a graph-based repository, and empowers content teams to discover, validate, relate, classify and share this content from a centralized source of truth.

Strangler Pattern to Modernize Legacy Systems

The strangler pattern is a technique for slowly replacing legacy systems with new ones. The idea is to "strangle" the old system by gradually adding new features and functionalities on top of it until the legacy system is eventually replaced entirely.

DXO creates an abstraction layer or a facade on top of your legacy backends so that you can replace backend services and applications without impacting the experience on any of your frontends.

DXO Components

DX Engine
Real-time API Orchestration

White Structure

DX Graph
API-First Data Layer

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DXO Core Services
Events, Webhooks, Listeners and Jobs.

Under The Bridge
Abstract Clouds

Proud Member of the MACH Alliance

All Conscia products are built from the ground up with the M-A-C-H principles, ensuring a future-proof and adaptable technology stack.  This certification offers a guarantee to you that you are investing in an orchestration platform that is built on the principles of composability, i.e microservices architecture, API-first, Cloud-Native and Headless.  This robust architecture ensures that our orchestration layer will adapt and scale effortlessly with your evolving needs, providing seamless interoperability with all API-first technologies in your tech ecosystem.

Featured Solutions and Accelerators

Salesforce B2B Composable Commerce Accelerator

EPAM partners with Conscia to help B2B customers migrate to Composable Commerce in Weeks.


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