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Modernize Your Architecture with an API-First Data Layer

Features and Capabilities

Connect to Any Source and Syndicate to Any Destination

In an enterprise stack, data needs to be syndicated across multiple backends including PIM, ERP, CRM, Commerce Engine, CMS, Search and more.  Conscia offers various no-code approaches to moving data between systems including batch/file-based, real-time, event-driven and webhooks.

A Single Version of Truth for All Your Data

In order to get a comprehensive understanding of the data in various siloed systems and to create unified experiences, you need to connect and relate the data.  Conscia offers a graph-based data layer that pulls in data from various systems, giving you a single version of truth of all the relevant data.

Prepare Your Data for Prime Time

One of the common challenges faced by organizations is the quality and heterogeneity of data residing in siloed systems. Before data is consumed by downstream applications, it is important to validate and optimize its quality.  Conscia offers data quality checks to empower data providers and consumers to validate its quality before pushing to live environments.

Access Control and Governance

Conscia offers granular, collection and record-level control over data, allowing you to keep your data safe.  Whether you're accessing data from the UI or the APIs, the controls carry through seamlessly.

Make Your Offline Data Accessible to Modern Frontends

Data in offline systems such as legacy CRMs and ERPs, databases, file systems, home grown applications is not readily available for online experiences.  Conscia creates an data modernization layer on top of your existing backends, making it available to be accessed via real-time APIs.

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From Any Data Provider.
To Any Consumer.

Developer Documentation

Here, you will find everything you need to implement your solution.  This includes detailed technical documentation, orchestration recipes, tutorials, best practices and so much more.

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