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One Backend for All Your Frontends

DX Engine:
Real-Time API Orchestration

Features and Capabilities

Zero Code API Orchestration

Chain API calls, stitch data from multiple backends and transform schema to your frontend requirements.

Decision Engine

Allow both business and technical teams to implement rules and business logic through a self-service, intuitive UI instead of writing a whole bunch of glue code.  For instance, maybe you need to call CRM A for a B2C customer and CRM B for a B2B customer.  This can now be accomplished through business rules!

Create an Abstraction Layer

When building a composable stack, you want to decouple your frontend from your backend.  Conscia allows you to create a layer of abstraction that hides the details of your backends from your frontend by shaping the data model to fit the needs of your frontend.

A Universal API Connector

As long as your backend exposes a webservice API endpoint, the DX Engine can connect to it.  There is no need to create a customer connector or a plug in to connect to anything!

Boost Performance

Conscia's DX Engine is hosted on the edge, which means that you don't have to worry about infrastructure or performance. SLAs are our problem.  Where it makes sense, the engine intelligently caches the orchestration component response to optimize performance.

Real-time API Orchestration

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Visualize Your Orchestration Flows in DX Studio

Conscia Orchestration Flow
Business Consultation

Developer Documentation

Here, you will find everything you need to implement your solution.  This includes detailed technical documentation, orchestration recipes, tutorials, best practices and so much more.

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