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Our Mission

To democratize and accelerate the ability for enterprise organizations to create a well-connected, hybrid technology ecosystem, without the cost, time or disruption of large scale digital transformation or migration initiatives.

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Challenging the
Status Quo

Sana and Dwayne, the co-founders of Conscia, are no strangers to challenging the status quo. From challenging cultural norms to leaving behind high paying corporate jobs to follow their own dream, Sana and Dwayne have proven that they will not accept mediocrity and blind compliance.

Working with international brands as technology executives at large System Integrators and ISVs, they saw first hand that organizations were struggling to cope with a siloed technology infrastructure that is a patchwork quilt of systems — from aging legacy platforms and bespoke in-house solutions to sprawling all-in-one suites and cutting-edge headless architectures. 

Traditional system integrators advocated for complete replatforming, while all-in-one suite vendors pushed for migration as the panacea. Sana and Dwayne saw that these routes only led to significant financial outlays and perpetual development cycles, without genuinely enhancing the customer experience.

They knew that it was not practical to re-platform or migrate to a fully composable technology ecosystem because of the cost, complexity, upheaval and time involved in such endeavors. It was important for the solution to respect the organization’s existing landscape and work within their current reality.

Sana and Dwayne recognized the hybrid landscape at enterprise organizations and reimagined a future of enterprise technology with a practical solution that challenges the status quo — a zero-code orchestration layer designed to seamlessly knit together disparate software components without the need for an overhaul or replatform. This approach accelerates the development of omnichannel experiences in a hybrid stack, while ensuring your current technology ecosystem is robust, resilient, and ready for the future.

Democratizing Orchestration of the Enterprise Stack

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